Dibyendu Naskar

Apr 23, 2021

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A motivational quotes for students, Set Your Goals...

Don’t Stop, Even When You’re Falling

A mentor told me in my first year at university that he liked to give a student three motivational quotes and a student’s parents could choose from a motivational quote and a motivational quote for them. The moment of giving the parents this choice, I had a reality check. My parents, who had been extremely supportive and believing of my dreams, couldn’t come to terms with the fact that they were no longer children and couldn’t sit back and let me figure things out on my own.

It took a long time and lots of hard work to try and convince them to put their faith back in me. A quote like this, by Robert G. Kiyosaki, truly gives me the motivation I need.

I grew up in a poor family in Hawaii, with no money at all, and used to go and stand on street corners, hoping for someone to take pity on me. It took me a while, but I finally realized that I had it in me to be more than what I had ever imagined for myself. I was going to have a successful career and help others in the process.

My parents had to grow up very quickly after my father was injured in a car accident. I never wanted to keep my parents away, but I needed their attention and guidance to really get my life back on track. The reality is, we have to let go of our parents to let them grow up to be who they should have been and the reality is we can’t control everything. Instead of worrying about it, do your best to support them in the things they enjoy and do them with you, making you the happiest of all.

Students sometimes feel that they can’t succeed. That’s why we need people to inspire us with motivational quotes that will inspire us to keep going and motivate us to set a new goal. We are students for a reason and we need to keep that motivation strong until graduation.

A motivational quote for students for students who want to set the goal of achieving their own goals. A young girl in a book store

A motivational quote for students

Setting Goals

We have to be realistic in setting goals, rather than aiming to be the best in the world. We have to understand the difference between setting an unrealistic goal and setting a goal to create something great and to be proud of it, instead of setting an unrealistic goal. Having a dream of owning a business that no one has ever done before or setting the goal of earning $500,000 is setting a goal that will not likely ever come to fruition.

We have to give ourselves a concrete goal to shoot for, and help ourselves get there. This also gives us a clear vision of the life we want to have and the work that we have to do to create it.


You must be true to yourself in your personal goals.

When you set goals, do it for yourself and keep it pure. It can be really tempting to set goals for others and create a common goal for everyone to work together towards. Doing this will make everyone feel more motivated and trust each other more. You want to be able to be inspired to make your goals a reality. This is a very powerful motivator, and you will get much more out of yourself and be more motivated than you have ever been before.

You can set goals for yourself that will get you into a new routine, or help you get more into your daily life, or it can be very specific goals and goals to help you improve or help you achieve something, like getting to work on time or attending your class regularly. If you set goals that are important to you, you will be much more motivated.

Everyone has a different style of self-motivation, and you may not want to be completely selfish and just work on your own goals, or you may want to work on things that can help others as well, or help you reach your goals more. That’s totally okay.